Top 10 Coding of the Week:

1) Holy-Dark-Ksitigarbha 22 points/Eternal 22 points/Package-Marisa V1 22 points/Imperial-Iori 22 points/Muhammad 22 points/Akane-Inuwaka-secretary 22 points/Theorem 22 points/Void Shiki 22 points/Atmosphere Suprimus 22 points/Antimatter-Bomb 22 points

Comments: Good use of the Third Version, that's why it's currently the strongest SN 4Head/Alex favorite fap material./Coding wise, one of the best character made by Tacosman after Ice-Mai/Not counting the low-tier Omed version kekeke but this above your average joe, i am telling ya./PLZ, don't kill me, i have a family. BibleThump/I will not mind, if she become my secretery. Kreygasm/It's a clear example of a well round character, using a good combo of %n and Statedef Overflow/I like the timing of her explods./Oki+Cichol = the ultimate existence?/Wut

2) Y-Mashiro-F-X-C-S-D 21 points/This is a test 21 points/Wicked Law's Witch 21 points/Alt+255 21 points

Comments: She have white hair = which mean Buraido have a boner EleGiggle/This is a comment./Based Oki, the opposite of Majestur./Damn,Cyber is back again with his OP %n coding.

3) guanyin-Ressurection 20 points/Ksitigarbha %f attack 20 points/Akane-Inuwaka-Void 20 points/Blasttrum 20 points/Alliance_of_Buraido 20 points/Argento 20 points/Bayloupe 20 points

Comments: PogChamp, using the ressurection method give it some originality point lol./Too bad, there is a lot character using %f attack already :(/She can fill the void in my heart./The character uses some good %n, i likes it./One of the best coding from Burrito./Where is the silver throne?/What can i say about myself? OpieOP

4)Aka-Oni 19 points/No! This is Patrick 19 points

Comments: A quite decent character by Winds776./Majestur is pretty good.

5)12 3 ! {V} [_] or aka the grey Reimu 18 points

Comments: h3ll0! my n4m3 15 l337 r31mu!

6) OnePunchMan 17 points/-Abyss 17 points/Aleti 17 points/ALEX-Aegis 17 points/Assassin 17 points/Assiette 17 points/Beerus 17 points/Bloody-Roa 17 points

Comments: ONE PAWCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!/Like they said Korean coding = worst coding ever./Comments: Soka/HUILO!!!/That projectile bug./Reisen with a Ponytail?/ I hope, he won't destroy me for this score/Noice

7) Lavos Core 16 points/2nd Death Star 16 points/Marcianito 16 points/Battler 16 points/BEN 16 points/Black_horse 16 points

Quite decent for a nuke./The progenitor of the OTHK...impressive keepo/The compability score = the number of time that Ignacio watched yuri./Not even the Endless 9 can save him./Those moonrunes/Fuck the author

8) %s 14 points/RAVE PARTY 14 points

Comments: Good concept but it will suck as a Style character./This what happen if BK suck huge donger and think he can rape Buraido.

9) Amachi-R 10 points

Comments: (PUKE), damn i need to read some yuri after this.